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The production of (fine) mechanical drive components is – of course – the core business of Van Eijk Transmissie. This core business is twofold: on the one hand we are extremely focused on the production on prototypes and single pieces, on the other hand we have focused on manufacturing small to medium sized series.

Thanks to our extensive, modern machinery and extremely accurate professionals, we are strong at manufacturing:

Quality is the standard
Since we are continuously investing in our people and the machinery, quality has become our standard. Everything we deliver, whether it is component 1 or 10.000 has the same quality with the high quality finish. We can guarantee this by working with extensive, internal quality control. 


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Prototypes When creating prototypes, you rely on true craftsmen who manually engineer concept wishes...

Single pieces The machinery of Van Eijk Transmissie allows the transmission specialists to use all materials...

Pilot runs After the creation of a prototype, Van Eijk Transmission is often also deployed for the production...