part of the Van Hoof Groep

Together with HMF Nederland and NIMA Speciaalwerk, Van Eijk Transmissie forms the Van Hoof Groep. The Van Hoof Groep provides powerful complete solutions in the field of fine mechanical (drive) components and constructive and esthetic sheet metal machining by seeking out collaboration between the independently operating subsidiaries.

This unique partnership gives our customers a great number of advantages:
- Working from one single contact
- The convenience of everything under one roof
- Insight in responsibilities
- Fast and flexible production

One stop shopping
As supplier in mechanical drive components in the broadest sense of the word, Van Eijk Transmissie works together with her affiliates HMF Nederland and NIMA Speciaalwerk to an increasing extent. We don’t just provide the important one stop shopping, concept, but we are also able to exchange essential knowledge, experiences and technologies, and in doing so, improve them. This allows Van Eijk Transmissie to not only serve her own customers, but the principals who have placed their orders with HMF Nederland and NIMA Speciaalwerk as well.

Composition of specialists
What’s special about our composition of specialists, is that we can realize an unprecedented amount of possibilities. This helps us reinforce each other, so that we can achieve the best result for you, as a principal. We do this with an eye for:
- Collaboration
- Transparency
- Accuracy

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