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Corporate profile 

Van Eijk Transmissie distinguishes itself in the field of technical high quality drive components within the engineering and precision engineering sector. A given for companies in the metal machining company are figures, measurable details and data. Equally important are working based on trust, solidarity and remaining a leader in technology.

Optimal quality
In all her contracts, Van Eijk Transmissie pursues optimal quality in collaboration and result. This constant quality is partly guaranteed through the use of modern measurement and control systems. The internal quality department performs final inspections as well, effectively completing the quality assurance system. The ISO-9002 certificate provides additional assurance for the excellent quality pursued by Van Eijk Transmissie.

Interesting interlocutor
The optimal quality, linked to a great degree of flexibility and great technical ability make Van Eijk Transmission an interesting interlocutor for any company that requires high quality drive components.

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